Phase A Construction Project

On 28th January 2013 work started on Phase A of the hall modernisation. We are creating an archive of photographs showing the progress of the work through to the planned completion in September. A selection of these is shown below.

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Construction - Week 30 (19 August to 23rd August)

Final fitting and cleaning of the new extension. The new toilets are in use and the temporary toilets have been taken away. There remain just a few minor details to sort. This week has seen a number of Hall volunteers cleaning, varnishing and painting the main hall -the most thorough make-over it's had in many years! The smoke detectors in the roof of the main hall were replaced as a precautionary measure after an extensive clean of the internal roof last week.

Construction - Weeks 25 to 29 (15 July to 16th August)

Fitting out of the new extension

Progress - week 25 Progress - week 25

Construction - Week 24 (8-12 July)

Installation of the toilet cubicles and sanitaryware is under way. The new electrical supply has been connected.

Progress - week 24 Progress - week 24 Progress - week 24 Progress - week 24

Construction - Week 23 (1-5 July)

Installation of the kitchen furniture is under way.

Progress - week 23 Progress - week 23

Construction - Week 22 (24-28 June)

Final floor screed has been laid, toilet walls have been tiled and sanitary ware is ready for installation.

Progress - week 22 Progress - week 22 Progress - week 22

Construction - Week 21 (17-21 June)

The original foundation stone has been replaced. The main doors have been fitted and general fitment of the kitchens and toilets is proceeding apace.

Progress - week 21 Progress - week 21

Construction - Week 20 (10-14 June)

Windows and door frames have been installed and the kitchen extractor is in place.

Progress - week 20 Progress - week 20

Construction - Week 19 (3-7 June)

Most of the walls have been plastered, and the low-level brickwork alongside the ramp has been completed.

Progress - week 19 Progress - week 19

Construction - Week 18 (28-31 May)

The floors have all been screeded and the ceilings have been plasterboarded. The pictures below show the entrance hall, the kitchen, with walls boarded ready for the special wall finish, and the view along the toilet corridor looking towards the new kitchen.

Progress - week 18 Progress - week 18 Progress - week 18

Construction - Week 17 (20-24 May)

Almost all the work this week has been within the shell of the building, culminating with the laying of the screed in the kitchen (top left - viewed from entrance lobby, top right - looking towards entrance lobby) and toilet areas (bottom left).

Progress - week 17 Progress - week 17

Progress - week 17 Progress - week 17

Construction - Week 16 (13-17 May)

The tiled roofs are virtually complete - just a bit of work remains on the flat roofs. First fix has started and the picture on the left shows a site meeting between Bob Partridge (Project Manager), Keith (Blueqube site manager), the access security suppliers and the electricians to agree cable routes.

Progress - week 16 Progress - week 16

Construction - Week 15 (7-10 May)

After a glorious bank holiday weekend the summer weather is over and it's chilly, blustery but fortunately not too wet. The pitched roofs are partly tiled, and the flat roof section is under construction.

Progress - week 15 Progress - week 15

Construction - Week 14 (29 April - 3 May)

The lovely warm weather continues. The roof timbers are now all in place and the external fascias have been fitted. A screen has been erected within the Hall to enable the knock through for the new kitchen door and hatch.

Progress - week 14 Progress - week 14

Construction - Week 13 (22-26 April)

It's been a lovely warm and sunny week and good progress has been made with the four sections of the pitched roof. Preparations have been made for the first break-through into the existing hall - for the new kitchen door and hatch.

Progress - week 13 Progress - week 13

Construction - Week 12 (15-19 April)

All internal walls are complete and the steels are in place, ready for the roof trusses.

Progress - week 12 Progress - week 12

Construction - Week 11 (8-12 April)

The improvement in weather has allowed good progress and the external brickwork is complete, wallplates are almost all in place and the steels have been delivered.

Progress - week 11 Progress - week 11

Construction - Week 10 (2-5 April)

Weather continues very cold but daytime temperatures are above freezing so bricklaying continues. Pictures below show the toilet block (left) and the main entrance (right) taking shape.

Progress - week 10 Progress - week 10

Construction - Week 9 (25-28 March)

Not so much progress this week - the weather has been too cold for bricklaying.

Progress - week 9 Progress - week 9

Construction - Week 8 (18-22 March)

Construction of the walls is now well under way.

Progress - week 8 Progress - week 8

Construction - Week 7 (11-15 March)

A busy week! Lower photos - Ground level blockwork is complete and we are ready to lay foundations. (The room to the right of the stage remains, but the outer wall will be replaced.
Upper photos - steelwork all in place for concrete; concrete being laid.

Progress - week 7 Progress - week 7

Progress - week 7 Progress - week 7

Construction - Week 5 (25 February - 1 March)

Demolition of the old Ladies and Disabled toilets is nearly complete. Blockwork is under way for the new toilet block.

Progress - week 5 Progress - week 5

Construction - Week 4 (18-22 February)

Demolition of the old toilet block has started. The parapets and the rotten roof timbers have been removed.

Progress - week 4 Progress - week 4

Construction - Week 3 (11-15 February)

The new main drain has been laid and new manholes constructed. The temporary toilets have been connected to this new drain and brought into use. Access to the old toilets has been closed off and stripping of the old toilets has commenced.

Progress - week 3 Progress - week 3 Progress - week 3

Construction - Week 2 (4-8 February)

The foundations have been dug and laid and a pipe is being laid across the site to connect the temporary toilets to mains drainage.

Progress - week 2 Progress - week 2

Construction - Week 1 (28 January - 1 February)

Activity this week consisted of setting out the site, constructing a new entrance foyer behind the existing disabled entrance, bringing in portable toilets and providing a covered walkway to them. Pictured below are the members of the Modernisation Committee on the construction site.

Modernisation Committee Modernisation Committee

The Modernisation Committee - (picture right) - from left to right: Darren (BlueQube), Bob Partridge (Project Manager), Rachel Lloyd (Hall Management Committee Chair), Bob Noble (Modernisation Committee Chair), Roger Head, Pam Hudgell.

The Hall as was

Photographed in January 2013 before work commenced.

Main Hall Entrance     Hall Garden Entrance