Shiplake Memorial Hall was built in 1925-6 as the gift of the Mardon family in memory of their son killed in the First World War. The hall is used extensively by a wide range of individuals and organisations. Bookings are increasing every year.

We have made some upgrades to the hall over the years in addition to undertaking continual maintenance work. Most recently we have fitted a fire alarm and emergency lighting system throughout the whole building and a solar pv system to generate some of our own electricity. However, the facilities and layout limit the potential exploitation of the hall and despite careful maintenance over the years, age and wear and tear are taking their toll. Flat roofs leak and are expensive to look after, users often comment that the kitchen facilities are antiquated and inconvenient, and there is nowhere to hold small meetings comfortably whilst the main hall is in use.

This vital community asset is now in need of extensive modernisation to make it fit for many generations of future use.


Our users range in age from infants in the village Nursery to members of the British Legion. Activities range from Pilates and children’s ballet classes to the meetings of the Parish Council and Women’s Institute. The hall is also used by groups such as the Shiplake & Dunsden Dramatic Organisation (SHADDO). Private hirers, both local and from farther afield, use the hall extensively for weddings, parties and exhibitions.


Modernisation will increase the attractiveness of the hall and the range of potential users:

  • The new, catering-standard kitchen with direct hall access will replace an antiquated kitchen that has no direct access to the main hall and is used as an access corridor. This will make it even more attractive for party, wedding and exhibition organisers
  • The existing toilets are fairly basic and overdue for replacement
  • The new entrance and lobby will provide safer, more secure access, including improved disabled access
  • The flat roofs are a continual source of problems through water leakage. Replacing them with pitched and insulated roofs will solve this ongoing problem once and for all
  • The new multi-function meeting room will enable smaller meetings and events to be held in more congenial surroundings and in parallel with other activities in the main hall. This will attract new hirers such as local businesses wanting a convenient and modern meeting place
  • Provision of a small office for the Parish Clerk will make operation of the Parish Council more efficient and the new storage area will increase the floor space available in the main hall
solar panels

Solar panels have recently been installed

hall interior

The beautiful main hall is unchanged


The main hall set out for a wedding reception


A SHADDO pantomime production