We are committing £100,000 from our own resources, which utilises the bulk of our reserve capital, and on the 19th June 2012 the modernisation appeal received a tremendous boost with the award of a Community Investment Fund (CIF) grant from SODC of £100,000, the maximum available. In addition we have a very generous promise of £100,000 from a local charitable trust, further grants totaling £40,000 from various charities, plus numerous individual donations and the proceeds from a number of fund raising activities held during 2012.

water-damaged joists

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The main beam above the tall windows has a bearing width of only 25mm and the ceiling joist ends are mostly rotted away

Our total fund now stands at £428,000. This means we have achieved our original target for Phases A and B. However, more extensive water damage to the joists and beams supporting the flat roofs being replaced in Phase B has been discovered so we need to raise an additional £10,000 to fund this unexpected extra work.


Please see the attached form, which gives further details of how to donate and provides a means for us to recover tax on any donation. (You will need Adobe Reader to open it.)